Our Mentors are the Life of the Program

Operation Exodus is grateful for the many hours of personal time, and emotional energy our mentors bring into our programs. In 2015: 1,792 Mentor Hou

Financial Aid for Program Fees

We are committing to investing in our families, most living on less than $24,500 per year in a city where the cost of living is almost double the nati

Parent Workshops are Booming

Operation Exodus is thankful for the strong support we are able to give our parents, many of whom feel ill-equipped to help with their child's educati

200 Hours of Independent Reading

Operation Exodus is thankful for the many opportunities we have had in 2015 to witness the growth in our students academically and spiritually. 200 h

172 Students K-12

172 Students K-12 172 is the number of Exodus Students K thru College that are having their hope in the future restored through our after school tuto

Operation Exodus Inner City: Year End Snapshot

Operation Exodus is thankful for the growth we have seen in our students and families in 2015. As we work to restore hope for our students and their

non profit mentor volunteer niece 01

Mi Historia, Mi Futuro

Alanna doesn't smile a lot. In fact, she takes things pretty seriously. Especially Anime. Drawing Anime, Japanese animated cartoons, is her passio

after school tutoring nyc japans math comparison

Teachers Over Technology

The Chalkboard vs the Smart Board In January 2015, the Tokyo Broadcasting System reported approximately 75% of Japanese classrooms still use chalkboa