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Together We Can

Latino youth will play a very important role in shaping our city, and our country. In Washington Heights, 41% of these children are growing up in poverty. Consequently, they enroll in kindergarten already 1 to 1.5 years behind.  Only  16.7% of Latino third-graders in Washington Heights are meeting English Language Arts (ELA) standards. Studies show that those who do not catch up by the 4th grade may never perform on par with their middle-class peers.

With your help Exodus can change their trajectory.

Learn to Love Reading

If you love books, supporting our Exodus After School Achievement Program (ASAP) means giving the gift of literacy to students beginning in kindergarten. Through our 100 Book Challenge curriculum, we accomplish two things. First, a LOVE of READING that begins early and lasts a lifetime. Second, guided reading sessions and time set aside for independent reading every single day. This improves comprehension and increases the amount of time they read by choice. Before long we see their STEP counts increasing as they read more at home as well.


Most students that attend Exodus three years or more are performing at or above grade level in ELA by the time they reach the 5th grade.

Together We Can


Learn Math

Many children are unable to attend structured pre-schools where basic number concepts are introduced. Parents may be unaware of small “teachable” moments in math that can take place daily as young as two to three years old. Consequently, most enter school needing extra support.

At Exodus, we minimize “math anxiety” by doing instruction through games, songs, and one-on-one time with tutors. In small group sessions, students learn that failure in math is a natural part of the process of concept mastery. In our small group sessions, students get comfortable and learn the language of math. “Practice Makes Perfect” is our  motto, and praise is focused on when students give their best and keep trying.


Thanks to a unique curriculum, by the 3rd-grade 99% of Exodus students have their multiplication tables memorized, and are completing grade level math assignments without stress.

Together We Can


Learn About Love

Being behind in school, an unstable home life, experiencing fear in your building or neigborhood—these are issues that even experts in education do not yet fully understand. How does living in a neighborhood plagued by poverty can affect a child’s ability or desire to learn? How does bias effect their self-esteem?

Studies are finding that belonging to a safe and supportive community is what helps children heal. In fact, time spent daily in a nurturing environment can reverse the effects poverty has had on all facets of development.

We enroll students in kindergarten and make a significant investment—often nine years or more— of deeply meaningful academic, social/emotional and spiritual support. Exodus is a home-away-from-home where families come to gather, learn, worship and grow. Mentoring is the foundation of the work that we do for children and parents.From self-esteem to school attendance, saying yes to healthy relationships and no to risky behavior,caring mentors make a big difference


Exodus students spend over 300 hours a year with caring mentors, positive adult role models that can educate, encourage and empower.

Even if this world fails them, it is important that they understand that their lives matter. Our students face an uphill climb that requires perseverance, faith, and above all, hope. By supporting Exodus, you can give them that.

Why Exodus?

Thanks to generous partners like you, Exodus programs have had a tremendous impact on the community for over 26 years. But never content, we must continue to incorporate the newest, and best practices in youth development.

When you support Exodus, you also support a team of caring adults; young men and women from the neighborhood. You support parents and community partners. You support an army of volunteers and mentors, all of us working together as we invest in the future success of our students and families.

Through you, it becomes clear to our students that God loves them, and that He has a plan for them, a hope and a future. And, it’s a gift that lasts.