Mineo Takes a Leap of Faith with “Uncomfortable”

Andy Mineo has proven that faith and hip hop can be “surprisingly suitable partners,” according to a recent interview with billboard. “Uncomfortable,” Mineo’s new release, just reached the Top 10 of the billboard Top 200.

As an artist whose faith informs his work, and his life, Mineo doesn’t tag himself as a Christian artist per se, although others might. His concern is the music. “I really think there are two kinds of music: good music and bad music. And I’m just trying to be on the side of good music.”


“My faith informs everything about my life: the way I handle money, the way I handle relationships, marriage, friendship…my music.”


The lyrics of “Rat Race” however, do reflect Mineo’s Christian perspective on the world. The track is about “the pursuit of money, success, power, sex that our culture promotes as the pinnacle of success. Honestly, I feel like I’m free from those things because I know how empty they are.”

Having embraced the discomfort he was feeling in the last year and a half or so, Mineo has found the freedom to be truthful, since hip hop is a genre that, if nothing else, insists its artists be authentic.

It’s a good thing Mineo has a healthy take on success, as he seems well on his way to finding it.


Photo credit: Anna Webber/Getty Images for BET

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