Monday Blues?

Monday is here but have no fear it will be okay!

It seems a vast majority of Americans dread Mondays. They wish the weekend was longer and did not have to go into work or school. However, Mondays do not have to be a frightening experience.  Experts at created a list on ways you can combat the Monday blues. Even though is targeted for adults, these tips can be beneficial for your child or student.

Here are some tips from to make Mondays more bearable:

IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM: Being lethargic at work could be a sign that you are unhappy with your job, bosses or colleagues. Figure out what is troubling you and find a useful solution.

KEEP YOUR MONDAY SCHEDULE LIGHT: Usually Mondays are the busiest day at work, so try to keep your schedule as clear as possible to avoid the unnecessary rush. Comfort yourself with more routine stuff instead of handling chaotic assignments on Monday.

PLAN AHEAD SUNDAY NIGHT: Pick your clothes, pack a good lunch, prepare your to-do list for Monday and set your alarm to prepare for and smooth your next morning.

DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST: As the doctors say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Have a healthy breakfast, no matter how quick, to avoid morning crabbiness, which can kill your good mood and desire to work.

REWARD YOURSELF: If you find yourself dragging on Monday afternoons, reward yourself with your favorite chocolate or get pumped with some tunes during your lunch break.

DRESS UP FOR SUCCESS: Start your day with a positive attitude and choose to wear something snappy, because when you look good, you feel good.

TAKE SMALL BREAKS THROUGHOUT THE DAY: Do not be so glued to your workstation that you have your lunch with your computer screen. Take small breaks to get some fresh air to revive your mind.

Mondays do not have to be tough and with these tips we hope you do not have to fight with Mondays any much longer.

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