Are the NYC High School Fairs, Fair?">Are the NYC High School Fairs, Fair?

Students that have been attending low performing elementary & middle schools in NYC’s poorest districts often emerge to find their

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Discipline, Teens and Self Esteem">Discipline, Teens and Self Esteem

When he began attending Exodus, Edward had a tendency to set high expectations for himself and take on too much.

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Congratulations Exodus Graduates!

Jeritzel, an Exodus student for 8 years, just earned her diploma from Aquinas High School. Last fall, Exodus took her on several college campus visits,

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mad about science | summer programs niece

Mad About Science Summer Program

Thanks to an AMAZING team from Hill City Church in Rock Hill, South Carolina we were well prepared for the

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The Gift of Failure

In May, the New York Times published a list of memorable speeches from the recent commencement season. The article brought

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