Ashley Castro

Ashley Castro | Site Coordinator | Operation Exodus Inner City

Ashley Castro

  • 21 Wadsworth Ave, New York, NY 10033
  • (212) 543-3305

Ashley Castro is an outstanding coordinator, working hard every day to ensure that all academic and free time activities at Operation Exodus run smoothly and safely.

Ashley was born and raised mainly in the United States, although she spent age three to eight in the Dominican Republic where her parents are originally from. From the beginning, Ashley received an excellent education, first at St. Simons Stock in the Bronx, and then at the Contemporary Arts High School in White Plains New York.

Ashley began working for Operation Exodus in 2005, tutoring a rambunctious 5th grade class. She was quickly recognized as an amazing tutor, combining creative lessons with deep learning opportunities and excellent classroom management skills that helped her students excel.

In 2010 Ashley enrolled at Bronx Community College, looking to take classes in business. In the end, she found a degree in business would not suit her talents. She switched, and signed up to earn her degree in social work, which aligns much more closely with her work at Exodus and her strong Christian faith.

Operation Exodus students have a 97% high school graduation rate, well above city and national averages.

This year, Ashley was promoted to Site Coordinator, where she has proven to be a skilled, creative manager. She oversees the work of the tutors and the front desk with confidence and care. The students daily demonstrate their deep love of “Miss Ashley,” despite her strict rules that keep things running safely and smoothly.

“When I came to Exodus, I knew nothing about teamwork. I was very independent, and I liked doing things my own way. My first class was a group of 1st graders. They wouldn’t do anything, unless they could all do it together. At first it was frustrating. Having grown up as an only child, I didn’t understand it. In a staff meeting one day the coordinator began talking about teamwork and I broke down. It suddenly became clear to me that teamwork was what my students had been trying to teach me all along.”

Our Exodus students benefit greatly from her ability to master schedules, program details and management when things take an unexpected turn (yes, every once in awhile it happens!) The After School Achievement Program and the Summer Achievement Program pack a lot of learning and hands-on experiences into a very short time frame. Exodus students are blessed to experience a very robust learning environment, and the love of God, through her capable leadership and heart of service.


Experienced in classroom management, and use of Love & Logic to teach self regulation. Trained in early childhood education, manages staff of 12 tutors and front desk staff. Skills also include curriculum development & parent communication.

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Curriculum Development & Implementation
  • Program Development
  • Tutor Training & Mentoring
  • Summer Program Director