Matt Mahoney

Matt Mahoney | Executive Director | Operation Exodus Inner City

Matt Mahoney

  • 21 Wadsworth Ave, New York, NY 10033
  • (212) 543-3305

As Chief Program Director of Operation Exodus Inner City, Matt Mahoney continues to combine his passion for education and a deep heart for service.

Mahoney began his career at Princeton University, receiving his B.A. in English, and completing the teaching certification program. His faith led him to New York City to seek opportunities to teach disadvantaged youth. During his five-year stint teaching in the Bronx, Matt also sought out opportunities to put his strong faith into action.

He began volunteering at Operation Exodus after hearing about the mentoring work they were doing. After six years working as a mentor, and utilizing his experience in curriculum development, classroom management and Christian education to better the organization, Mahoney was invited to come on board as the Education Coordinator. The opportunity to share his faith freely, as well as his professional expertise led him to make the choice to move from teaching to administration.


“The investment we make in our students, over their entire educational & spiritual journey sets us apart.”

Since then, Mahoney has overseen the growth of Exodus, as it has expanded and refined its programming to serve students all the way through high school and college, eventually being named Executive Director in 2000. Operation Exodus is now at the forefront of developing the best practices for educating low-income Hispanic youth, and is sharing this knowledge with many other organizations throughout New York City.

Under his leadership, Mahoney has watched as dozens of Exodus students have graduated high school, attended college and found meaningful professions and callings, both in NYC, and around the world. One of his greatest joys is hearing from past students, who call and email regularly to update Exodus on their accomplishments and to share their gratitude for the education and support they received here.

Mahoney also serves on the board of the Inwood Academy for Leadership, and is a graduate of the Columbia School of Non Profit Leadership. A native of Massachusetts, Mahoney lives and works in New York City with his wife Tatiana, and their three children.


Experience includes non-profit management & compliance, best practices in youth development and education, financial management, staff development & leadership training.

  • Community Outreach
  • Staff Development
  • Education Policy
  • Financial Management for Non-Profits