Tatiana Mahoney

Tatiana Mahoney | Parent Coordinator | Operation Exodus Inner City

Tatiana Mahoney

  • 21 Wadsworth Ave, New York, NY 10033
  • (212) 543-3305
  • http://www.operationexodus.org
  • tatiana@operationexodus.org

Tatiana Mahoney’s first introduction to Operation Exodus was in 1994, when she began serving as a mentor. At the time, she was working as a research assistant for Cronkite-Ward, a documentary production company. Later, she worked at CBS News, and then as an editor at Parents.com, which is where she learned to be a portal for relevant information for parents looking to improve their parenting skills.

The position of Parent Coordinator at Exodus came at an opportune time, when Tatiana had to leave her job to care for her mother, who was battling cancer. After her mother passed away, Tatiana felt the best way to honor her legacy, which included her passion for education, was to continue at Exodus, and it became a true calling.

Tatiana works hard to ensure that every family gets support based on the family’s needs, helping parents feel “empowered,” to become positive role models at home, and strong advocates for their children within the school system.

“With guidance, Exodus parents become empowered
advocates for their children-and our greatest resource.”

At Exodus, families come in all shapes and sizes, “Every day I am encouraged by the growth and determination I see in parents. We have young single moms, caring grandmothers, single dads, and parents who are separated, but committed to raising their children together,” says Tatiana. “No matter who is creating a sense of home for the student, we are here to ensure that they feel capable of becoming involved in the educational process.”

Spend any time at all at Exodus, and you will witness a constant stream of parents and caregivers calling or stopping by for school advice, translation help, counsel about a report card, or to talk about their child’s challenging behaviors.

Many families consider Exodus a home-away-from home due to Tatiana’s incredible warmth and concern that every student at Exodus receives the best start possible in life. “I am so thankful for God and all he has done in my life, and I express that gratitude by serving the families here, so that they will learn about how much He loves them as well.”

Tatiana also enjoys serving as a leader, and participating in Bible study groups and prayer groups. A graduate of Florida International University, Tatiana lives in New York City with her husband Matt.


Experience includes writing & communications, development of bi-lingual materials with an educational focus. Advocacy training, student goals & evaluations and family counseling. Serves as liason with school administrators and teachers.

  • Family Advocacy & Counseling
  • Workshop Planning & Development
  • Served on CEC for District 6
  • Communications
  • Early Childhood Education