Together We Can

As inner city youth establish their self-identity, they must navigate a complex network of cultural influences. They begin an intense scrutiny of themselves, comparing what they know to what they see in others, including the adults around them. They may struggle with self-esteem, self-confidence, or become discouraged about their ability to achieve high grades in school. If not performing up to a perceived “standard,” some seek out other ways to gain affirmation or attention. Others give up, drop out, or move into survival mode. Either way, decisions can lead to risky choices that can impact the rest of their lives.

The consequences of unstructured, unsupervised hours afterschool hours can range from teens just generally being unproductive, to Create A Brighter Future

Exodus is launching a new youth initiative this year, offering a variety of experiences that will help teens grow socially and spiritually. Through mentoring and special club type programs, such as theater arts, digital media, and more, we hope to empower inner-city adolescents and teens to make good choices.

As young adults begin exploring what it means to become independent from their parents and caregivers, there is a natural desire to take charge. However, since they lack experience and maturity, the stakes are very high if those choices are not good ones. From deciding what will they do with their bodies (fitness, eating habits, sex, or substance use), their hearts (choice of peer group, dating, creative pursuits, emotional instability), to choices about homework, schoolwork,or  skipping class, there are many decisions that can have long-term consequences.



Operation Exodus students have a 97% high school graduation rate, well above city and national averages


Mentors Make the Difference

Caring adult mentors can encourage students to seek the highest levels of education, and offer them exposure and training in special areas of interest. Exodus provides a safe space where caring mentors and kids can come together to share a passion, a skill, or just spend time together. Our students gain confidence as they develop their gifts to positively impact the community and the city we call home.

Our faith-filled mentors help our adolescents and teens learn about the life God intends for them to have. By walking alongside as they discover and pursue their unique gifts, our students gain a renewed sense of purpose. Studies show that these kinds of enrichment can alead to even better school outcomes as well.

We are always seeking mentors who are willing to listen, love and encourage our students, as together they discover and pursue their God-given strengths and talents. If your heart is grounded in the gospel, and you are passionate, patient and caring, there is a place for you to come and work with our energetic, smart, and awesome adolescents and teens. Guaranteed you will be blessed beyond what you can imagine.

To learn more: volunteer@operationexodus.org