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Change the World, One Student At A Time

Mentors are special. They sacrifice their personal time to serve those who have experienced the brokenness of our world, and are in need of hope. At Exodus you have an opportunity to make a radical choice to move out of your comfort zone, and invest in kids and families that need you.

As an Exodus mentor you can help a child, teen or parent discover and build confidence in their gifts and talents, and help support their growth. More importantly, you can be there to listen, share and guide them, so that they will understand that they are not alone in the challenges they face. This has a ripple effect, with the exponential power to change lives, families, and communities.

As an Operation Exodus mentor, you can help change the world, one child at a time.

This is not an easy task, and it does require an small investment of some free time, and a bit of emotional energy. However, if you sense God telling you that you have room in your heart to love someone outside of your regular circle, consider reaching out to learn more. You will gain far more than you give!


Volunteering at Operation Exodus changes the minds and hearts of everyone involved in the program, including yours.

Here are just a few of the opportunities you have to serve:

After school: We invite you to come and serve as a positive role model for a child or teen in need. By sharing a talent, or an area of expertise, you can help a student discover their gifts. From after school tutoring and reading help, to learning a new creative pursuit, you can help us make every hour in the afterschool program count.  All that is required is some patience, kindness, and a desire to have fun. Come be a big brother or sister, and help change the trajectory of a student today!

Saturday Mentors: Every Saturday, the arrive from all over the tri-state area! Our amazing team of volunteer mentors are helping students explore what it means to discover and pursue their God-given potential. Come and share bible-based teachings, creative activities, and fun field trips. By doing so, you will help students build important character traits that align with the fruits of the spirit, such as resilience (perseverance), self-control (peace and patience), and empathy (love for others). And, you’ll have fun doing it. To learn more about the Saturday Program contact:

Share Your Profession or Passion: Academic and arts based activities are a great way for kids to grow their knowledge base and learn how to express themselves in healthy ways. As a volunteer tutor, you can share your profession or passion for a short-term or long-term project. Painting, theater, coding, mock trials; SAT and Regents Prep; adult literacy—the opportunities often can revolve around your unique skill set! And, by the way, the most important skill to have is simply loving others. Help us get our kids thinking about the future! To learn more contact:


There are many other opportunities, and levels of commitment. All that is required is a large heart, and a willingness to sacrifice a few hours a week, a month, or a year. Join us!

Over the years, God has changed lives and restored hope through the tireless efforts of hundreds of volunteers and mentors at Operation Exodus. We hope you will consider joining us in the fight for equality in education for Latino youth.