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Mi Historia, Mi Futuro

Alanna doesn’t smile a lot. In fact, she takes things pretty seriously. Especially Anime.

Drawing Anime, Japanese animated cartoons, is her passion but, it also serves as a way to cope.

When Alanna began attending Exodus at the age of five, disruptive and obstinate behavior was commonplace. Right away, we noticed that she was advanced, capable of working beyond her grade level. Thinking boredom might be at the root of her behavior, she was bumped up a grade.

As she worked with our tutors and mentors, and faced more challenging work, Alanna’s behavior began to improve. Still, she struggled socially, and spent a lot of time alone. Over time, however, she grew to trust our tutors, mentors, and her classmates. Today she is happy at Exodus, but has faced challenges outside of program

Recently we received some troubling reports that Alanna is exhibited behavior outside of Exodus that may warrant counseling. As we work to facilitate this with one of our partner organizations, please pray for healing for Alanna & her family. We know that God has a plan.

Home environments have an incredible impact on how children think. If they are growing up with fear, anxiety  or instability, they develop a mindset in which short term & survival thinking prevails.

In short, fear in the present robs young children of hope for the future.

At our Career Day in October Exodus students heard from people that work in many different fields, with the hope we could spark their imaginations. Mi Historia, Mi Futuro, is a project that was inspired by student responses.

Exodus students dream of becoming doctors, lawyers, teachers. We heard from a pilot, a therapist, and a race car driver. Our friend Alanna dreams of being an anime artist, and is teaching herself Japanese.

Why Mentors Matter

At Operation Exodus our mentors work to heal the hurts, reduce the anxiety and build confidence.

Despite the brokenness we see every day, the team at Exodus is thankful that God has built this place as a touchstone, a place where hundreds of children and teens arrive every day to find God’s unconditional love and acceptance waiting for them, no matter what.

We are also thankful for the hard work and sacrifice that our dedicated team of tutors and mentors make every day, every week. We know that your investment in our students will bear fruit.

If you would like to know more about how you can make a difference in the life of a student by mentoring, and find yourself changed for the better, you can contact our volunteer coordinator at

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