Our Vision

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Together We Can…

Far too many of New York City’s most vulnerable—inner city youth—are in constant danger of being diverted into a pipeline that leads to continued poverty. Dropping out of school, drug use, unemployment, teen pregnancy or prison—these are the intractable issues our youth face if they do not get extra support.

With your help Operation Exodus provides a lifeline, a safe space where students and families in Washington Heights can gather, learn, worship, and grow. We invest in this wonderful uptown community by providing subsidized (and often free) after school education, arts and enrichment opportunities, and parent education, all with faith-based mentoring that provides healing and hope.

Students who end up in the school-to-poverty pipeline do not lack ability, just opportunity.




In Washington Heights only 16.7% of third graders meet or exceed the standards in English Language Arts (ELA) and literacy.

Change Their Trajectory

By supporting Operation Exodus as a volunteer mentor or donor, you can make a difference.  We offer innovative solutions and early intervention that changes lives. Thanks to our mentoring and afterschool education programs, the help begins early and lasts a lifetime. We invest deeply in our youth, inspiring and empowering them to achieve all the way through high school graduation and beyond.

Exodus delivers subsidized and free English literacy and academic instruction, arts education and enrichment, and faith-based youth groups for teens. Across all of our programs, it is the deep mentoring relationships, that make the real difference, by helping students build faith, character, and confidence. These are all traits identified as being more important than intelligence when it comes to improving academic outcomes and life choices.

Exodus is also a lifeline for parents. Through monthly workshops and a strong network of community partners, Exodus helps parents learn how to navigate the complex New York City school system and become true champions and advocates of their child’s academic progress.

Thanks to you, an Exodus student will become the first in their family to graduate high school, attend college, and pursue a profession they are passionate about. The result is a young adult who is financially secure, community minded and a leader full of hope for the future.

Educate & Empower


Studies have shown that students who do not catch up by the fourth grade have little chance of achieving on pace with their middle-class peers.

Restore Hope

We are a faith-based organization that believes that every child, regardless of ZIP code, family background, or economic status, deserves a high-quality education and opportunities for healthy social and emotional growth.

Thanks to the hard work and willing hearts of a dedicated team of volunteer mentors and supporters like you, Operation Exodus is providing healing and hope to hundreds of students every year. Your gifts make it possible to surround every student with a caring team committed helping them succeed.

If you are inspired to learn more, or would like to move from inspiration to action check, out the opportunities below. With your help, the dream of graduating high school, attending college and discovering the life that God intended, can come true for someone special.