operation exodus parent workshops

Parent Workshops

Operation Exodus empowers parents to become strong advocates for their children at school, and more positive role models at home.

There are hundreds of parents and caregivers in New York City who feel ill equipped to support their child’s academic progress. Language barriers, long work hours, and a lack of education can all play a part. Many do not understand the critical role they play. Our Parent Empowerment program is one of the most important aspects of our work here at Exodus.

Operation Exodus is a team of deeply committed educators and mentors willing to give these parents the help and training they need to become strong supporters of their child’s academic achievement at home, and advocates for their children at school.

Research has shown that parental involvement is the most accurate predictor of student achievement.

Operation Exodus Provides:

  • Monthly parent workshops
  • One-on-one counseling & escorts to parent teacher conferences
  • Help with school applications and school choices
  • Adult literacy
  • Job training & employment opportunities
  • Advocacy training to obtain special services they may qualify for
  • Positive discipline workshops
  • Scholarship and financial aid training
  • And much more

At Exodus, parents grow empowered, getting deeply involved in their child’s academic journey, and working hard to ensure that their child is on the path to high school graduation and college. It has been a privilege to watch God work in the hearts of the hundreds of parents who have grown from feeling inadequate to becoming confident, effective champions of their child’s education.

At Operation Exodus our core values come from a Christian tradition, but our goal is to build meaningful relationships, and meet our families where they are spiritually, emotionally and academically. It is only by seeking to understand their unique and vibrant culture, and the struggles they face, that we can best serve their needs and offer them hope to achieve more.

We live out the promise, that God has plans for them, “a hope and a future,” as they break out of the harsh cycle of poverty, and go on to lead successful lives of promise and purpose.

Together, we can renew communities, strengthen families, and restore hope.