Our Programs

Operation Exodus Inner City serves hundreds of families that lack the resources to support their child’s academic progress. We intervene early, and often, with tutoring and faith-based mentoring after-school, on Saturdays, and throughout the summer. We also believe in educating parents so they can learn how to better support their children and teens at home, regardless of language or cultural barriers. By identifying and drawing out the potential of our students they grow into lifelong learners, successful in college and in life.


  After School Achievement Program


Our After School Academic Achievement program begins in Kindergarten and extends to 5th grade; we believe that earlier is better when a child’s well-being and educational progress is at stake.

 We have equipped our academic achievement program with skilled and enthusiastic tutors that spend over 100 hours a month assisting and teaching our students to excel academically and personally. Because of this combination of education and character development, hundreds of students are now exploring their God-given potential and living lives of promise and purpose.

Middle and High School – College Access 

We believe that our middle and high schoolers are able to think critically, be leaders, and define who they are as members of the OEIC community. Our goal is to promote positive peer relationships, educational achievement through College and beyond, responsibility and ownership, and challenge the adolescent status quo.

Through social-emotional based small group activities, Weekly SMARTtalks, and participation through bible studies, and discipleship programs like Wyld Life and Young Life our middle school and high school students practice decision making, accountability, and above all, work to have fun in the process.

Additionally, for our high school students, we provide college access support to our parents and students through promoting academic success.


Parent Empowerment

Operation Exodus empowers parents to become strong advocates for their children at school, and more positive role models at home. Our core values come from a Christian tradition, but our goal is to build meaningful relationships, and meet our families where they are spiritually, emotionally and academically. It is only by seeking to understand their unique and vibrant culture, and the struggles they face, that we can best serve their needs and offer them hope to achieve more.

What Parents are Saying

“I appreciate the unity, the organization, the respect, the love and above all the wholeheartedness you show in the love of God. I hope the program continues to grow so you can help more families (parents and children). Iris, Parent of Germary 7th Grade”

“Exodus has brought a lot of positivity to Samantha. She really loves being part of Exodus, Christina,  Parent of Samantha, 3rd Grade ”

“I love that you pray and that you are teaching my children about God and that you are helping them with homework.  My hope is that my children will know truly about God. Nelly, Parent of Elian, 1st Grade”

I appreciate that you help so much the children and the parents. I love how you put so much effort into helping the whole family.  My hope is that more children know about the program.  Glenny, Parent of Nashla, 4th Grade 

Summer Enrichment Program

Exodus gives the children in Washington Heights, many of whom are from working poor immigrant families, opportunities to experience learning through hands-on activities, field trips, group projects, and physical activities. Every year our Summer Enrichment Program is full of JOY and a sense of accomplishment.

Many students experience the summer learning loss most acutely in English literacy and math. Over consecutive years, it adds up, with some young people losing as much as two or three years of progress. Exodus creates an innovative summer learning curriculum that includes plenty of time reading, hands-on activities and physical fitness that makes summer learning exciting and fun, all at a very low cost, or free, to families in need.

Every year our six week Summer Enrichment Program gives kids an opportunity to RISE UP. During these six weeks they will focus on, academic and social, and emotional learning, and learning how to Rise Up to-the leaders they are.

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