Our Programs

Operation Exodus Inner City serves hundreds of families that lack the resources to support their child’s academic progress. We intervene early, and often, with tutoring and faith-based mentoring after-school, on Saturdays, and throughout the summer. We also believe in educating parents so they can learn how to better support their children and teens at home, regardless of language or cultural barriers. By identifying and drawing out the potential of our students they grow into lifelong learners, successful in college and in life.

after school program nyc

After School Program

The Operation Exodus flagship offering is its After School Academic Achievement program that begins in Kindergarten. We believe that earlier is better when a child’s wellbeing and educational progress is at stake.

Because of Exodus, hundreds of students are now exploring their God-given potential and living lives of promise and purpose. Our combination of education and character development in the After School Achievement Program is extremely powerful, with proven results.

operation exodus high school program

High School Achievement Program

Faith, and faith in education are the cornerstones of the Operation Exodus High School Achievement program, which offers healing and hope to Latino teens. Operation Exodus inspires and guides Hispanic students as they discover and pursue their God-given potential, through strong academic help, and caring mentor relationships.

Weekly SMARTtalks allow students to discuss topics like drug use, sex and relationships, or debate issues of social justice, and cultural bias. They are also encouraged to participate in small group bible studies and discipleship programs or take Exodus classes to develop important life skills, such as driving, cooking, digital media, business development and more.

operation exodus parent workshops

Parent Workshops

Operation Exodus empowers parents to become strong advocates for their children at school, and more positive role models at home. Our core values come from a Christian tradition, but our goal is to build meaningful relationships, and meet our families where they are spiritually, emotionally and academically. It is only by seeking to understand their unique and vibrant culture, and the struggles they face, that we can best serve their needs and offer them hope to achieve more.