Getting Kids Off the “Slide.”

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Getting Kids Off the “slide.”

For every child planning on going to an enrichment camp this summer, there are thousands of inner city kids who cannot afford to do so. Worse case, they will spend their long days unsupervised, or at the very least, spend too many hours being unproductive. This triggers what is known as the “summer slide,” or summer learning loss. This is a well documented loss of learning and reading ability for inner city students than can have long-term effects.

“Learning loss strikes at low-income families more deeply, as those children tend to lose, on average, over two months of learning during the break from school.”

They experience this loss most acutely in English literacy and math. Over consecutive years, it adds up, with some young people losing as much as two or three years of progress. In fact, many feel that summer learning loss contributes significantly to the achievement gap between low income and middle class students.

One thing they do gain is weight. In fact, in low income neighborhoods, youth are more likely to experience negative health outcomes in the summer, such as obesity, if they do not participate in a program. On average, weight gain is three times faster during those long hot summer months.

Most enrichment camps are prohibitively expensive, which makes finding a safe, high-quality summer experience difficult for many families.  Exodus creates an innovative summer learning curriculum that includes plenty of time reading, hands-on activities and physical fitness that makes summer learning exciting and fun, all at a very low cost, or free, to families in need.


Help Make Their Summer Great!




Experiencing New Things

Kids need to build, create, collaborate, and read…if they are to make progress in the summer. 

Exodus gives the children in Washington Heights, many of whom are from working poor immigrant families, opportunities to experience learning through hands-on activities, field trips, group projects and physical activities. Kids begin to LOVE learning, because it’s full of JOY and a sense of accomplishment.

Thanks to you, we can offer our summer program free or at reduced cost to Exodus families. 

You can give inner city kids the freedom to explore learning in a whole new way by supporting our “Do Something” Summer. 

Let’s Do Something!

This year the Operation Exodus summer program will give kids an opportunity to LEARN, CHANGE, GROW, CONQUER, CREATE and CARE. These six themes, one for each week, will focus on academic and social and emotional learning. Kids will discover previously hidden talents, tackle a new skills, and learn to care more about their community.

And, like every other summer, “Stop, Drop and Read,” guarantees students at Exodus will read a minimum of 2.5 hours every week, a proven way to halt the summer slide in its tracks. Our kids will also spend time learning about who God is, and how much they are loved by Him! Volunteer teams assist in the afternoons with bible based learning activities, and worship times, as they get to know our amazing students.

We rely on your gifts to make this a summer to remember for as many families as possible. Please consider joining our DO SOMETHING summer, by making a contribution today. Families who would like to learn more about our program can contact our Parent Coordinator at (212) 543-3305, or submit a request for more information.