operation exodus summer achievement

Summer Achievement Program

For every child who will hit the water parks this summer, there is another who spends their days being unproductive. This triggers what is known as the “Summer Slide.”

This is the well-documented learning loss low-income children experience over the summer break. In fact, most disadvantaged kids lose over two months of learning, especially in English literacy and math.

Thousands of inner city Latino youth in our northern Manhattan neighborhoods come from homes and schools that are under resourced, and are already one to two grade levels behind. They simply cannot afford to lose the progress they may have gained over the school year.


Get kids OFF the “summer slide.”

Studies have shown that intervening with MORE school, simply doesn’t work. The Operation Exodus Summer Achievement Camp is the solution.

Every summer, over 200 kids kindergarten through high school are given opportunities to experience learning through hands-on activities and trips that are inspiring and fun. Summer camps can be prohibitively expensive, with most low income families finding quality summer experiences out of reach.

The Exodus full day Summer Achievement Program is a funded, low cost program that gives our students the freedom to explore learning in a whole new way. Hands on projects, experiential field trips and academically driven curriculum is learning at its best, because it is full of JOY.

Low-income students typically lose more than two months of reading achievement over the summer months.

Our six week program catapults students into new ways of thinking and learning. This year, “SmartARTS: Express Yourself,” will delivery arts-based education through theater & drama, dance & music, visual arts, and more. By exploring their identity, and their gifts and talents while learning new skills is a great way for our students to stay engaged this summer.

In the afternoon Exodus tutors, volunteers and campers participate in our “Stop, Drop and Read,” time, a daily ritual which builds vocabulary, and promotes a culture that values literacy and reading.

Our kids will also spend time learning about who God is, and how much they are loved by Him! Volunteer teams from all over the country will be assisting with bible based learning activities, and worship times, as they get to know our amazing students.

This low to no fee program means many of our families will rely on your gifts to attend our Summer Achievement Camp. Last year Exodus invested over $25,000 in financial aid to families in need. If you can, please consider making a gift our Smart ARTS: Express Yourself summer program and help stop the summer slide.

Families who would like to learn more about the program can contact our Parent Coordinator by phone or submit a request for more information.