Our Summer Wish List

 Here’s our Superhero Summer Wish List!


We’ll be turning 110 inner city kids on to science, math, literature, and art through hands-on projects, games, field trips and more. We’ll also be going out into our community to share our gifts and talents as we build self-esteem, character and leadership skills.


 Great adventures, in and out of the city, help expand a child’s horizons. Give them a sense of discovery, and help them gain a new understanding of the world. Sponsor a trip and help us get to the Liberty Science Center, The New York Botanical Garden, an organic farm in New Jersey and more! Trips costs run from $2,000 to $200 depending on the mode of transportation, entry fees and whether we will need bag lunches. 

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This summer we’ll be exploring science using KidzScience learning kits. We’ll hypothesize, build, measure, mix and marvel!  There are so few opportunities to do hands-on STEM activities during the school year, so we will be taking advantage of having a longer day to play detective! All of our kits need refill supplies—exciting mysterious stuff like gravel, food coloring, BTB (bromothymol blue), vinegar, and much more. From magnetics, to environmental science, we’ll be putting our heads together to prove our hypotheses!  We also ♥ LittleBits Space Kits, modular electric circuitry kits that inspire our young inventors and engineers! 

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This summer we’ll have a creative times every day. Sculpture! Painting! Environmental Art! Digital Media in our Exodus TV studio! This is a time for kids to put down their phones, and CREATE!

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Thanks for making it a great summer full of learning, growing & fun.

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