WANTED: Summer Teams In NYC


WANTED: Volunteer Teams!

Volunteers are the true Superheroes of summer. Every year, dozens of volunteers come through, sacrificing extremely valuable, their time! With enthusiasm and grace, these summer teams adopt a work-hard, play-hard attitude, as the hit the streets of NYC, one of the most exciting playgrounds in the world!

When young people sense that you are there to invest in them, that you truly see them, and believe in them—that’s when true transformation happens. Our volunteer teams run activities, skits, supervise during morning arrival, help with art projects, chaperone field trips. Most important, as a team you can help our young people believe in themselves, and learn more about God.

Operation Exodus has hosted teams from all over the United States, missions teams who have a heart for empowering inner city youth. As a volunteer you can come and help battle our biggest villain—the “Summer Slide.”

This is a well-documented loss of learning that occurs when children growing up in low-income neighborhoods spend too many hours unsupervised, and not in structured enrichment programs. These kids tend to lose as much as 2 to 3 months of learning over the school break. Over consecutive summers, lack of participation in structured programs can result in a teen that is four times as likely to drop out of high school.

Operation Exodus students do not just stay on track. Our goal is the launch them into the new school year fully prepped and ready to tackle the new content, and demands of their new grade. It’s our army of volunteers that helps make this happen.




Operation Exodus is launching our “Do Something,” summer July 5th. Six-weeks of enrichment and education that will empower inner city youth to learn, grow, and serve their community.


New York City is the greatest playground in the world! Our volunteers share many adventures, in and out of the city, to help expand each child’s horizons. Join us and inspire them with a sense of discovery and wonder as they gain a new understanding of the world right outside their “backyard.”

Volunteers are needed to supervise crafts, chaperone trips, design fun lessons, but most importantly they build relationships with our youth to establish an understanding that there are many, many people out in the world that are interested in seeing them succeed.

Become Superhero and volunteer between July 5th and August 11th. We welcome those willing to be God’s “hands & feet,” folks who can share Christ’s love with our kids who deserve a great summer. There are many, many skills and talents needed. Or just bring your enthusiasm and love for kids.

Instruction time is Monday through Friday, 9am to 11:45 am. Come read a story, help a tutor with a lesson, or teach kids a new math or literacy skill.  There are various levels of commitment, ranging from a half an hour of reading, to joining a team that serves a small group for an entire week!

Park time is every afternoon from 1 pm to 3 pm. Do you love to play outdoors? Come and run a relay race, teach someone to jump rope, or improve their jump shot.  

Creative time is from 4:00 pm to 5:30. Calling all artists, media professionals and creative souls, we are seeking partners like you to teach a creative class of any kind! Sculpture, painting, puppets, poetry slams, we’re open to your ideas! Help a young person CREATE!

Become a part of something bigger than yourself, and gain a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that you have helped a young person move along the path to high school graduation!


“Do Something” amazing this summer. volunteer@operationexodus.org



 We hope to hear from you.


To inquire:  info(at)operationexodus.org


Can’t volunteer? Click here & support a student!



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