Become A Summer Superhero!

The “Summer Slide,” is a well documented villain that causes learning loss for inner city children in low-income neighborhoods. Over consecutive summers, a lack of participation in structured summer programs can result in a teen that is four times more likely to drop out of high school. 


You can gift them with six great weeks of innovative learning and enrichment that includes reading, literacy and math, hands-on creative activities, field trips, physical fitness, mentoring and one week of sleep away camp — all for just $100.00 per week!



Become a Superhero and ________ the Summer Slide.

 (Crush! Mutilate! Destroy! Bowdlerize! Extinguish! Eradicate!)


  OR: Support a student for an entire summer for ONLY $600.00!


Support A Student for the entire summer 

only $600.00




Become A Summer Sponsor! 

Sponsor tutors & training: $10,000

Exodus provides summer employment for young people from the neighborhood who gain valuable job experience working as tutors & mentors. Help a young Latino adult work their way through college! 


Sponsor 1 week of activities for all classes: $5,000

There are six weeks available for sponsorship: LEARN, GROW, CHANGE, CREATE, CONQUER, & CARE. We have a wish list!  This is a great opportunity to sponsor a composting and gardening project, a digital media week, a community service project where we distribute food to the elderly. Or, help us bring in our rock climbing mountain! 


Sponsor a trip: $1,000

New York is one of the greatest cities in the world, but not all families can access the great museums, theaters and cultural sites. Field trips right here in NYC are a great way for youth to learn outside of the classroom. We’ll be taking our kids to the Liberty Science Center, The New York Botanical Gardens, and our high school team will be taking college trips. You and your Superhero Squad could easily sponsor a trip together! One generous donor has already pledged to cover a trip. Help us fund 5 more!


Sponsor Any Amount: $(   )

All gifts are deeply appreciated! There is no amount too small. Working together we can eliminate the summer slide.


Thanks for making it a great summer full of learning, growing & fun.





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