A “Do Something” Summer

A “Do Something” Summer

Even Small People Can Make A Big Difference!

To our youngest Friends of Exodus,

We all understand that the world is far from perfect. There are many people, animals, places, and communities that need help. It can seem overwhelming at times. Think about the time you needed help and a person came and gave you that help. Do you remember feeling relieved? Less sad? That’s why we do what we can to help others.

People who volunteer are special. They have very specific beliefs. One belief that they share is that if people refuse to help each other, and care only about themselves, the world will become even more difficult, cruel and sad. But if we give to others, out of what God has given us, whether it is our time, a talent or our money, we can help make the world a better, happier place.

Making a big difference starts by taking small steps.

There are some very big problems out there, and you might seem small in comparison. But, making a big difference might only require doing something simple.

For example, if you have a friend who is feeling sad, you can give them a hand-written note telling them how special they are. Or, if you see a kid in school that doesn’t have lunch, you can share yours. Maybe you and your friends can pick up some trash in your local park (wearing gloves to protect your hands of course!).

At Operation Exodus, we are planning a “Do SOMETHING,” Summer!  Here’s the video that inspired us. We hope it will inspire you, too!



This summer the Operation Exodus Summer Achievement Program will be focused on the theme, “Do Something!” or in Spanish, “Hacer Algo.” We are going to challenge ourselves each week in six areas: Learning, Growing, Changing, Creating, Conquering and Caring. We want to work as a team to help each other learn new things, conquer fears, grow something, create something wonderful, serve our city, or simply help a neighbor by being kind.

“Do Something” campers will also learn about how much God loves them, why their lives matter—and that they can “Do Something,” to make this a better world!

Operation Exodus is a non-profit that relies on the support of generous individuals like you to provide subsidized summer learning programs to low-income youth in Washington Heights, to educate and empower them to achieve a better future. If you would like to help our kids do unto others in our community donate to our “Do Something” Summer!