Embracing the College Process

In October,  Our College Access Coordinator, Julissa Calderon provided an excellent workshop about the college process and how to embrace it. She presented on “everything you need to know” at each point of your high school education journey and the graduation requirements needed to enter college.

For many students and their families, the college application journey can be confusing and intense, but once you become familiar with the process you will feel more confident.

Don’t Go In Blind… Know yourself

Understand that the college process is difficult but if you know what you want and where you want to go, the process gets easier. The following are some criteria that you should strengthen and know about yourself first when applying to college.

Know your academic strengths and weaknesses

Know your personal values

Know your options

Be Ambitious and Positive!

Have a support system

Have an organizational method

Know your interest

Use your standout talents

Choosing your colleges

When choosing your college, what is important to you? Know about location, the size of the college, (campus and students) what do they provide, and most important what is the total cost of the college. 

Below is a basic example of 4-year and 2 years colleges. For deeper information, visit the college of your choice, website. 




Admission Req.

4 Year College

Degrees offered:

Bachelors and beyond

Provides: A well-rounded college experience that includes an academic area of study

State: Typically under $15,000/year

Private: Typically more than $20,000/year

SAT or ACT / GPA / Transcripts

Class rank / Essay

Extracurricular activities

Letters of recommendation

2 Year College

Degrees offered: Associates

Provides A way to ease into college / take general college classes for credit.

Typically have agreements with four-year colleges to transfer credits.

Typically around $4,000/year

Open-door admission policy

College Requirements

Below are the following items you should achieve in order to apply for college. The list is lengthly but not scary. Obtain each early and you’ll be fine. One issue many students have, they leave everything for the last minute, scramble and get overwhelmed. 

Highschool Credits

Admission Tests


What College Admission Officers Review

Highschool Requirements Behaviorial Feature Additional Items to Submit

Grades / Overall GPA

Class rank

Courses in progress Junior and Senior year

Subject test scores (AP, IB)

State graduation exams

Student’s demonstrated interest

Personal accomplishments

Personality characteristics

Strength of high school course selections

Admission Test Score

Essay or writing sample

Teacher and counselor recommendations



Besides the items above, the links below will provide additional help embracing and understanding the college process.

  • http://www.admissionsmarts.com/college-admissions-timeline/
  • https://www.hesc.ny.gov/pay-for-college/financial-aid/types-of-financial-aid/nys-grants-scholarships-awards/the-excelsior-scholarship.html
  • https://www.collegeboard.org
  • https://fafsa.ed.gov
  • https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/find-colleges/college-101/types-of-colleges-the-basics

And these are some useful information to help your student or child embrace the process of applying for college. If you’ll like to see the full presentation, please visit this link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1g_gjhyGlGr2vkx5TJb0bY6LYxhl7YVzv/view?usp=sharing

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