Operation Exodus is Somos Nueva York

In August 2017, Operation Exodus(Exodus) became part of Hispanic Federation’s Latino Education Advocacy Directors (LEAD) Coalition initiative. The initiative utilizes coalition building, advocacy, and  policy recommendations to create a full-scale movement to address concerns about the future of public education. Twenty-three organizations across the state, both Hispanic Federation member and non-member agencies, form the core (LEAD) Coalition.

As a part of LEAD Exodus has been part  of strategic discussions regarding advocacy and the formulation of solid goals and objectives that have resulted in recommended policy changes to be presented to leaders in New York State and City.

Most recently Operation Exodus CEO Dr. Mark Gonzalez was part of a committee that provided input and direction for  Somos Nueva York: The Road Ahead for Latino New Yorkers: Policy Blue Print for NYC’s Mayor and City Council.  

Excerpt from Hispanic Federation Website:

“Four years ago, as New York City prepared to elect its first new Mayor in more than a decade, Hispanic Federation published “La Gran Manzana: The Road Ahead for New York City’s Latino Community.” We explained the key challenges facing more than two million Latino New Yorkers and offered a blueprint for addressing those challenges. It was a bold document that combined thorough research and real-world experience to create an agenda to improve the lives of Latino families across our city.

In light of New York City’s recent municipal elections, we believe it’s time to revisit this report to identify ongoing challenges and future opportunities for Latino New Yorkers. Our goal here remains the same as before: to lay out a roadmap for strengthening and empowering the Latino community.

The truth is that issues such as education, affordable housing, economic development, and criminal justice continue to be top concerns for Hispanic households across our five boroughs. While the last four years have seen important achievements in the city on early childhood education, elder care, immigrant services, and safety, we face serious issues in the areas of prison reform, homelessness, affordable housing and college retention and graduation. None of these issues are easy to resolve, but they are vital to our city’s well-being and future progress. No one expecting to lead this grand metropolis can ignore these issues and their importance to Latino New Yorkers.

Latinos are an indelible part of New York City. By and large, candidates who are serious about seeking city-wide office are eager to engage our communities, and share their vision for the future with us. This has not always been the case and that change is important and well-earned. But talk isn’t enough. We need candidates with a record of commitment to our community. Candidates that understand our needs and are ready to enact policies and move resources to help us meet them.

Hispanic Federation and its network of over 60 New York City Latino nonprofit organizations are uniquely positioned to understand those challenges because we confront them each day. Through our network, we are able to tap into the expertise of some of New York’s brightest leaders and institutions, and bring together a foundation of knowledge and leadership to create policies and programs that empower and advance the Hispanic community.

It is in the spirit of building stronger communities and a stronger city that we present: Somos Nueva York: The Road Ahead for Latino New Yorkers. Our hope is that this guide will help government, nonprofit and philanthropic leaders formulate and advance policies that strengthen and uplift Latinos and diverse neighborhoods throughout our five boroughs. We look forward to the work ahead.

To download Somos Nueva York click on the LINK

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