The Transforming Power of Love

The Transforming Power of Love

In youth development it’s important to cast a vision for each student’s achievement and growth. It’s also important to communicate that vision clearly and inspire the team to work through challenges to accomplish the mission. However, the most important aspect of a transformational relationship is listening with love. This is leadership at its best. 

Over the next 30 days Operation Exodus would like to share the many stories of transformation as possible, to encourage, and inspire you.

Story #1:




Meet Nashla & Kiana

Nashla started with us last summer. She had only been in the country two years and spoke almost no English. That can make a child feel very isolated, like they are not part of the group. Kids tend to tease each other and I was worried she would be bullied at school. I worked extra hard with Nashla this year. We’ve had lots of conversations in English, because everyone at home speaks Spanish. We also needed to work extra hard on her reading and writing skills. Together with the class we discussed in our Caring Circle what it’s like to be teased. Then, we all agreed to work together to help Nashla learn as much English as possible.

The results at the end of this year have been incredible!  Now, Nashla is speaking almost always in English, and really well.  Also, this week she wrote a whole story in English with proper punctuation!”  

When asked what she learned from Nashla, Kiana says this,

“When a student is behind you want them to catch up quickly. But, when they have to work at their own pace. It takes patience, which Nashla has a lot of. I’ve learned to be more patient also. I’m very proud of her progress, and the class, for the ways they have helped her out.” 


 A Transforming Power

The core of Operation Exodus is transformative relationships. We strongly believe that a transformational approach is what leads to student success, high school graduation and college.

To learn more about transformational relationships click here.


We have been challenged to raise 30K in 30 Days

One of the goals of this campaign is to create a transformational relationship with you, our volunteers and supporters!  

If you find the things that we share over the next 30 days helpful, educational or inspiring, please consider sending a gift that will support a student, tutor or mentor. They work hard every day to ensure that our students achieve their goals. If we are able to raise $30K in 30 Days, a generous donor has offered to match the amount, doubling the impact of your gift… 

Please consider making a pledge or sending a gift of :


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Thank you. We’re looking forward to working with you to “Reach New Heights” in 2017-2018.


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